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State Senators

There are 40 members of the Senate of Virginia which represent approximately 200,000 constituents in their respective districts. The Lieutenant Governor is the presiding officer of the Senate. Both the Lieutenant Governor and Senators are elected for a four year term as opposed to the Delegates who are elected for a two year term.

The next election for all State Senators is November 6, 2019.

Senators Representing Parts of District 68

Jennifer McClellan - State Senate District 9 (Parts of Richmond City, Charles City County, Hanover County, and Henrico County) 

The following precincts fall within the 68th House and 9th Senate Districts:

Glen Sturtevant - State Senate District 10 (Parts of Richmond City, Chesterfield, and Powhatan)

The following precincts fall within the 68th House and 10th Senate Districts:

  • Richmond Precinct 101

  • Richmond Precinct 102

  • Richmond Precinct 104*

  • Richmond Precinct 106*

  • Richmond Precinct 111

  • Richmond Precinct 112

  • Richmond Precinct 113

  • Richmond Precinct 114

  • Richmond Precinct 207

  • Richmond Precinct 409

  • Richmond Precinct 413

  • Richmond Precinct 414

  • Chesterfield Precinct 504 (Robious)

  • Chesterfield Precinct 505 (Bon Air)

  • Chesterfield Precinct 506 (Greenfield)

  • Chesterfield Precinct 507 (Salisbury)

  • Chesterfield Precinct 508 (Belgrade)

  • Chesterfield Precinct 509 (Cranbeck)

  • Chesterfield Precinct 511 (Black Heath)

Amanda Chase - State Senate District 11 (Parts of Amelia, Chesterfield, and Colonial Heights)

The following precincts fall within the 68th House and 11th Senate Districts:

  • Chesterfield Precinct 406 (Smoketree)

  • Chesterfield Precinct 413 (Shenandoah)

  • Chesterfield Precinct 510 (Sycamore)

Siobhan Dunnavant - State Senate District 12 (Parts of Hanover and Henrico counties)

The following precincts fall within the 68th House and 12th Senate Districts:

  • Henrico Precinct 114 (Monument Hills)

  • Henrico Precinct 404 (Freeman)

  • Henrico Precinct 414 (Rollingwood)

*Split Precinct - The precincts indicated are split so voters need to double check to make sure they have the correct ballot. Please look up your voting information to ensure you know where you're voting and who will be on your ballot.




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