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Priorities and Accomplishments

Democrats have only been in the driver’s seat for the last two years. During that time, we have done much more than expand Medicaid, which was arguably one of the most significant accomplishments prior to 2019. Since 2019, we haven’t just talked about getting things done; we got to work!


And yet, there is so much more to do!!


As Virginia’s only Democrat in the General Assembly practicing medicine (as an autonomous nurse practitioner), Virginia needs Dr. Adams’ lens on policy. Dawn believes that the quality of our lives is built on how successfully we can navigate opportunities for living in a healthy environment with clean air, water, land, and green space; diverse educational and career opportunities; reliable transportation and affordable housing; access to excellent affordable healthcare; and the ability to live and work within community safely and without trepidation regardless of one’s race, sex, ethnicity, orientation, heritage, identification, or whom one chooses to love.


Below are just a few of her (and her colleagues’) recent accomplishments that demonstrate (not just talk about) Dawn’s commitment to a better, fairer Virginia, through decisive action.



Healthcare- Increasing Access and Affordability

HB 66 Prohibits charging greater than $50 per 30-day supply of insulin

HB980 Ensures broad access to reproductive care and removed the TRAP laws

HB 1251 Prevents surprised billing

HB 1737 Removes practice barriers for nurse practitioners  

HB 1817 Removes practice barriers for certified nurse midwives

HB 1953 Removes practice barriers for licensed certified midwives

HB 2007 Requires prescription drug price transparency

HB 2162 Requires medical facilities to allow support persons for people with disabilities

HB 2218 Ensures expanded access and expertise for medical cannabis patients

HB 2230 Directs DBHDS to develop and implement a program to educate individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families about the availability of supported decision-making agreements

HB 2333 Requires VDH to establish a program to enable eligible health care providers to volunteer to administer the COVID-19 vaccines

HJ 537 Recognizes that racism is a public health crisis in Virginia

SB 1220 Repeals the requirements that the Commissioner of DBHDS determine the nationality of each person admitted to a state facility and, if the person is a non-US citizen, notify the United States of Immigration officer

SB 1227 Ensures payment of hormonal birth control for Medicaid patients


Dr. Dawn Adams will continue to provide healthcare leadership for the General Assembly and continue her work to increase access to affordable healthcare throughout the lifespan.



HB 1800 Approves a 5% pay increase for public school teachers and professors

HB 2204 Allows for free community college for low- and middle-income Virginians enrolling in high-demand disciplines

HB 1904 Ensures regular training and evaluations for teachers on cultural competency

HB 1940 Allows for a one daylong excused absence for students attending civic events

HB 1554 Mandates mental health first aid training for teachers


Dawn continues to work with her colleagues to bring solutions to educational infrastructure, from staffing issues to curriculum requirements and school construction.



SB 7 Raises the minimum wage in Virginia to $15 per hour by 2026

HB 582 Allows for labor unions for public sector

HB 2137 Ensures paid sick leave for home healthcare workers

HB 789 Caps the interest and fees allowed for short-term loans

HB1663 Passed the Virginia Values Act; prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, or credit

HB 2063 Requires employers to compensate overtime work at a rate of at least 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay

HB 1848 Expands the Virginia Human Rights Act to include persons with disabilities

HB 1864 Ensures that domestic workers are included in the definition of employer-employee relationship

HB 2032 Ensures domestic workers are included in worker protection laws

HJ1 Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment providing gender equality and equal rights


One of Dawn’s top priorities, along with her colleagues, is ensuring a robust economy, especially as we traverse post-pandemic Virginia. We must build on recent accomplishments ensuring safety and fairness for employees, help fund diverse training pathways for the jobs of the future and support our small business communities.



HB 1526 Virginia Clean Economy Act; establishes Virginia’s transition to clean energy

HB 1965 Establishes low-emission vehicle and zero-emission vehicle programs for new automobiles beginning in 2025

HB 586 convenes a work group to study environmental impact on PFOA and PFAS in drinking water

HB 1257 Directs the State Board of Health to establish maximum contaminant levels in public drinking water systems

HB1902 Prohibits single-use expanded polystyrene food service containers 

HB 1979 Provides rebates for electric and low emissions vehicles

HB 2282 Requires the SCC to report on proposals to accelerate transportation electrification


Without clean air, land, and water we cannot live a healthy life. Dawn remains committed to environmental protections and has had the consistent support of Virginia’s environmental groups due to her strong advocacy for preserving our environment for future generations.



Criminal Justice Reform

HB35 Provides an opportunity for parole after serving 20 years for individuals who committed a felony as a juvenile

HB 2263 Abolishes of the death penalty

HB 2312 Legalizes of responsible adult use of marijuana

HB5043 Requires the establishment of a Marcus Alert system in response to 911 calls

HB 5099 Bans no-knock warrants/police searches

HB 2113 Ensures automatic expungement for some crimes

HB 2133 Ensures expungement of certain convictions for survivors of human trafficking


Over the last two years, Virginia has pushed forward the most aggressive right-sizing of injustice ever. Dawn has been proud to stand firm with her colleagues to vote for measures that begin to bring fairness and equity to our justice system.


As the 68th’s first Democratic representative in decades, Dawn has brought leadership, diversity, thoughtfulness, and decisive action to Virginia’s General Assembly. We can’t afford to quit now. If you’re in it to win it this election season, sign up to be a part of the team and let’s get to work preserving the Democratic vision for Virginia.