Affordable healthcare coverage for all just makes sense. We can provide lower cost care to ensure all citizens receive the preventative medical, dental, and eye care that will keep them healthy, while addressing the opioid crisis, provide more comprehensive mental healthcare, and reducing the costs associated with chronic illness. At the same time, we must be prepared to take on the challenges of the epidemic of dementia, escalating needs of our aging population, the high cost of prescription drugs, and respond nimbly to the ever-changing policy demands from the federal government. We need Dawn’s three decades of diverse healthcare experience and ideas to develop affordable solutions to issues.


All kids deserve a good education. Education is the foundation from which children can dream and young people can aspire to be the person they were meant to become. Strong public school education creates strong adults. Teachers and the supportive infrastructure to address the increasing demands and pressures impacting our youth today are critical to their success or failure as students. Additionally high school graduates deserve affordable options for post-secondary school and when qualified, guaranteed admission to Virginia State schools. We need Dawn’s academic insight and ideas to make this a reality. Dawn will continue to fight for the cost-effective solutions that will maximize every opportunity for our children.


Virginia is home to the pristine splendor of our mountains, green forests, expansive ocean, and beautiful array of lakes, streams, and rivers. In our District (68th), the James River runs right through our backyards. We can do more to keep this scenic resource clean and open for recreation and ensure that the Chesapeake Bay and other waterways are safe and protected for generations to come.  As a member of the Virginia House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee, Dawn understands that protecting these resources makes sense for our children, families, and Virginia.


In Virginia, we are fortunate to have a relatively low unemployment rate. Yet, there is still work to be done to create more jobs that enrich individuals, families, and communities.  The growth, incentivization, and development of small business are a few ways to create more jobs. We need Dawn’s demonstrated ability to work across the aisle to develop other workforce solutions that will also reduce the demands for more healthcare workers, rebuild our crumbling transportation and educational infrastructure, install state-wide broadband, and operationalize energy alternatives to meet our persistent dependence on carbon fuel through solar and wind power installation.

Fiscal Responsibility

Virginia is a Balanced Budget state. This means that it is required by law that we balance the budget, and not because any one party has decided to be more financially responsible. The real question regarding the budget is how are we spending the money and collecting the revenue to prepare for the Commonwealths priorities? Dawn gets it, and her peers within the General Assembly know it. She is well aware of the General Assembly’s responsibility to be good stewards of our State’s funds and has submitted several pieces of legislation toward that end.


Constituent Services for House District 68

Dr. Dawn M. Adams holds a life-long passion for helping people achieve what each of us most desire from life: secure and healthy lives for ourselves and our families. Over her years as a resident of District 68 and as a nurse in Virginia’s healthcare system, Dawn has witnessed first-hand the struggles and heartbreak caused by poverty, inadequate living conditions, and limited healthcare access and coverage. As your Delegate, Dawn will work tirelessly to ensure that members of this community and all Virginians can live in safe, secure, and healthy communities.



Building Healthier Communities Through Better Policy

Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources

When Bills are referred to the committees, the committees will determine the agenda for their upcoming meeting. From here many things happen in these meetings including reviewing, sending legislation further along into their subcommittees, debates, and decisions to table, kill, and vote to send legislation to the House Floor for a vote from the body.


Office of Citizen: Follow along at home and let your legislators know how you feel about the bills being presented. You can Email a simple Support / Oppose Bill # with a short reason why. If you're a constituent, it's always a good idea to let your legislator know!

The Militia, Police, and Public Safety (MPPS) committee reviews bills related to the National Guard, Virginia Defense League, Police, and public safety related issues such as gun safety measures.

Militia, Police, and Public Safety



Delegate Dawn M. Adams:

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