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A Note from Dawn:

February 24, 2019

2019 General Assembly Session: Adjourned

When I ran two years ago for the House of Delegates, I promised to work hard, be open and honest, be fiscally responsible, make policy that reflects our shared values, and build relationships on both sides of the aisle. This is exactly what I have done.

My Legislative Record
During my first year, I was able to Chief Co-Patron thirteen bi-partisan bills that were signed into law. This year, I introduced seven bills, two of which spoke to increasing the state income tax standard deduction, while saving for a rainy day and investing money in our future. Although those particular bills were not given a hearing, the ideas were implemented in the legislation we passed today as part of the Budget Bill, HB 1700.

February 15, 2019

2019 General Assembly Session Update: Crossover

The weeks since crossover have flown by at breakneck speed. Much work has been done, including the initial compromise on tax conformity. Controversy has stolen the headlines and broken hearts; but we must all keep the faith. The most recent and perhaps most violent has been the tethering and setting fire to Tommie, a brindle pit bull, here in Richmond. Tommie’s death this morning has horrified us all, and we have received countless messages calling for justice. Currently this crime is a Class VI felony and there has been a $25,000 reward posted to catch his killer; I am confident they will be apprehended.

January 27, 2019

2019 General Assembly Session Update: Constitutional Amendment & Tax Conformity

With less than 30 days left of this year's session, the Delegates and Senators are working to decide the way ahead on how to conform, or not conform, with the Federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

On January 23rd, the Rules committee met to review a handful of tax bills and movedDelegate Chris Jones' tax bill forward to the Finance Committee. Delegate Jones' bill would conform to the Federal Government's filing system, which would remove the option to itemize your tax. You can learn more about where I stand on this is bywatching my interview. Despite positive feedback on both sides of the aisle to my proposal, the committee did not put my bills on the docket, and have no intention hearing my bills or any others on this matter.

January 21, 2019

2019 General Assembly Session Update

The purpose of today’s email is to update you on the 2019 General Assembly session. Like many of you, I am also frustrated by the federal government shutdown and its impact on our friends and family. Virginia, however, continues to plow ahead even as we celebrate this MLK holiday.

There are once again thousands of bills submitted despite the shorter 45-day period. The biggest issue is determining how to best respond to the Federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA). You can learn more about where I stand on this issue by reading my Op-Ed and watching my interview.

December 15, 2018

A Note from Delegate Dawn M. Adams

I’m writing to tell you that today, we are just 16 days from the New Year, and less than a month from the next General Assembly session. This year has flown by and I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement to date.
It’s been my goal to provide you with community updates through Facebook and Twitter daily, and general overviews monthly. I hope that you find my newsletters and website helpful and easy to follow. In 2018, I have sent more than 35,000 letters to people’s homes providing updates, welcomes to new voters, condolence letters, and follow ups for constituent issues. I also provided thousands of District 68 kids with Honor Roll certificates, letters, workbooks, and coloring books. I have been out in community attending events and have held more than a dozen town hall meetings.

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