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Virginia's Capitol hasn't always been located in Richmond, Virginia. Originally it was located in Jamestown, which was the capital of the Virginia Colony. After 90 years it moved to "Middle Plantation" which is now known as Williamsburg.

From 1700-1704, the House of Burgesses met in the Great Hall of what is now called the Wren Building at the College of William and Mary until the Capitol was constructed.

In 1747, the Capitol burned down and the House of Burgesses moved back into the College until the reconstruction was complete. It took 10 years before it was rebuilt.

The reconstructed Capitol Building is located in
Colonial Williamsburg.

In 1776, with the institution of the Declaration of Independence, the Virginia Colony became the Independent Commonwealth of Virginia. The Constitution of Virginia was created and with it a General Assembly comprised of an elected Senate and House of Delegates was instituted.

In 1779, the House of Delegates decided to move to Richmond during the American Revolutionary War for safety reasons. The legislators acquired six blocks of land for government buildings, including the Executive Mansion, Executive Offices, Legislature, Courts, and a market.

The building we're accustomed to seeing now was modeled after the ancient, classical Roman temple in southern France, Maison Carrée, dating back to 16 BCE. Thomas Jefferson commissioned French architect Charles-Louis Clérisseau to draft a similar design and ordered a scaled model for the new Virginia State Capitol by Jean-Pierre Fouquet.

Ground was broken in 1785 and construction completed in 1800; however, the building began to be used in the third and fourth years of construction.

The Capitol is open to the public for tours.
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