Dr. Dawn M. Adams is a Nurse practitioner two-term elected Delegate for the 68th District.


Dr. Dawn M. Adams is serving her second term in the Virginia House of Delegates representing District 68 (City of Richmond, Henrico, and Chesterfield). 

Prior to serving as Delegate, Dawn has dedicated her career to serving her community, solving problems, and improving lives. For more than 20 years, Dawn has lived and worked in Richmond as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, access to care researcher, and health advocate.

Dawn grew up in a home dedicated to public service. At a young age, Dawn learned the importance of community with her mother working a registered nurse and her father serving as a Captain in the US Coast Guard and working as a Search & Rescue pilot. At age 17, Dawn left for college, and has since received degrees from four Virginia public universities. She has an unparalleled work ethic, often working more than one job, or working and attending school at the same time. Since becoming a nurse practitioner, she has been a pioneer in every role and job she’s held.

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Honored to Serve

Dawn has dedicated her career to serving her community, solving problems, and improving lives.


Henrico County attracts millions of visitors each year. Our restaurants are award winning, our attractions are varied, and our location is ideal. With so many reasons to love Henrico, it was just a matter of time before folks took notice. Learn more about Henrico County on their official site. 


Nationally recognized for its vitality and New Economy embrace, Richmond's diversified employment base extends from chemical, food and tobacco manufacturing to biotechnology, semiconductors and high-tech fibers. The city consistently ranks among "Best Places to Live and Work in America" in several national publications.


Committed to fostering relationships among the county government, citizens, businesses, and local and regional organizations to strengthen the community in which we live, learn, work and play. Through volunteerism, multicultural resources, youth and other services, we are able to make Chesterfield County a first choice community.


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The purpose of analyzing school-related gun violence is to see if there are any patterns that would suggest places to start when addressing gun-related violence in the school setting. There have been many calls to action to answer the various shooting incidents; however, as a legislator, I could find little analysis identifying any root causes beyond the speculative: access to guns, mental health issues, poverty, violent films and video games, social media, etc. 


It is my hope that armed with more facts, we can make substantive changes to make our children feel safe again. In the end, if we, as members of the General Assembly asked better questions and had reasonable conversations as a result of this information, I believe we will be able to enact sound public policy that has nothing to do with a party affiliation and everything to do with people. 





Delegate Dawn M. Adams:

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